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Our mission in the Colombian Folkloric Ballet Academy (CFB Academy) is to offer children and adults of all ages an opportunity to engage in the beautiful art of dance. We strive for this mission with every class and every individual that will allow us to teach them the splendor in the dance classes that we provide.

Among these splendid dances are: classical ballet, folkloric ballet, belly-dance, and Latin rhythms including salsa and tango. We highly recommend that when enrolling in our folkloric classes students also enroll in our classical ballet class (no Pointe classes are taught or required).

We consider that in order to achieve the pinnacle of the many Colombian folkloric dances one must first learn the techniques provided by classical ballet to achieve dancing the sometimes complex movements in the folkloric dances. Not only will you notice your improvements in your dancing because of the ballet techniques but you will note that your body will become more toned and flexible beyond what you thought was possible.

We believe in the many advantages of teaching classical ballet to all our students because of the noticeable improvements that happen when we teach it.


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