Years of
Cultural Exposure

The Colombian Folkloric Ballet was formed in 1983 to promote and preserve the Colombian culture among the youth of the growing Colombian community of the Greater Houston area. Through education, folkloric Performances (dance, music and creative expression) and presentation of cultural programs, all year-round, for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, CFB’s mission is to create an open forum of cultural exchange, and disseminate the unique Colombian culture in the United States, particularly in the Greater Houston area.

Colombian Folkloric Ballet

Workshops and Classes

If you are looking for a way to introduce your school, university, church, or community center to dance in a fun and interactive way try one of ourworkshops.

The Dancers

Exceptional at-risk youth and professional dancers from different ethnic backgrounds of the multicultural communities of Houston, Texas.

Performing Opportunities

Join the CFB Academy's rehersals every Saturday. All the most talented students of the CFB Academy will have several opportunities to exhibit their talents through Performances.

Our Mission

Our mission in the Colombian Folkloric Ballet is to offer children and adults of all ages an opportunity to engage in the beautiful art of dance.

Faculty & Staff

We offer a professionally experienced teaching staff, our classes are also supplemented by guest teachers, with many different dance backgrounds, offering lectures to our students in many rhythms.

Events & Peformances

Come to enjoy any of our year-round events in Houston, TX and throughout the United States. Find out about upcoming and previous shows, our performances range from public family events to private performances.