CFB Academy


Our mission in the Colombian Folkloric Ballet Academy (CFB Academy) is to offer children and adults of all ages an opportunity to engage in the beautiful art of dance. We strive for this mission with every class and every individual that will allow us to teach them the splendor in the dance classes that we provide.

Among these splendid dances are: classical ballet, folkloric ballet, belly-dance, and Latin rhythms including salsa and tango. We highly recommend that when enrolling in our folkloric classes students also enroll in our classical ballet class (no Pointe classes are taught or required).

We consider that in order to achieve the pinnacle of the many Colombian folkloric dances one must first learn the techniques provided by classical ballet to achieve dancing the sometimes complex movements in the folkloric dances. Not only will you notice your improvements in your dancing because of the ballet techniques but you will note that your body will become more toned and flexible beyond what you thought was possible.

We believe in the many advantages of teaching classical ballet to all our students because of the noticeable improvements that happen when we teach it.

The Colombian Folkloric Ballet Academy (CFB Academy) is the official dance school of the Colombian Folkloric Ballet. The Academy offers two tracks of study: one for the career-minded student who aspires to be a professional dancer, the other is for children and adults who wish to study dance for recreational reasons and want the best training available.

    The CFB Academy, promoting dance as a way to increase physical activity, offers:

  • Classes available from beginning up to advanced levels
  • Flexible schedule
  • Convenient location from Houston and Katy
  • Professional faculty includes renowned artists from Colombia and Houston
  • Opportunities for advanced students to perform with the Colombian Folkloric Ballet Company
  • Annual Programs (Fall and Spring semesters)
  • Summer Intensive Programs

Faculty & Staff

The CFB Academy is a universal dance school. Meaning that, we adore any child, young adult, or adult of any race, nationality, religion, or ethnicity that will step into our culture, and dance our many folkloric dances. That is why we offer a professionally experienced teaching staff and all our classes are supplemented by guest teachers, with many different dance backgrounds, offering lectures to our students in many rhythms.

Colombian Folkloric Ballet

Colombian Folkloric Ballet

Dress Code


For classical ballet classes:

Pink full-footed tights and pink ballet slippers are mandatory with a black leotard

Short sleeves are recommended

Leotards should not have any prints, designs or be skirted

Hair must be off the face and in a bun

Those with short hair must wear a headband and/or pin hair back off face

Leotards should not have any prints, designs or be skirted


For folkloric ballet classes:

In addition to the aforementioned attire, a long full skirt (any color) is required


For classical ballet classes:

white t-shirt and ankle-length socks with black full-footed tights are required with black ballet shoes

Dance belts are also required and shirts must be tucked in


For folkloric ballet classes:

In addition to the aforementioned attire, a hat and a long handkerchief are required

* Additional clothing (i.e. loose fitting shirts or skirts), shiny tights or leotards are not acceptable attire.


To maintain our teaching high standards, all classes are graded to assure continuous development both technically and artistically. Due to the physical nature of dance teaching, hands on adjustment is used as regular and important teaching tool. Touch cues guide dance students in understanding body placement and muscle usage.
If parent or students are uncomfortable with this method of instruction, please inform the teacher/instructor prior to the first class.

  • Class placement is the absolute decision of the director/instructor.
  • Pre-ballet classes concentrate on rhythm, physical orientation and gross motor skills, through song and dance.
  • Class uniforms are to be strictly adhered to with no exceptions during all sessions (summer included). Family and friends are able to view classes in the studio by invitation only twice during the year at the end of each semester.
  • Students are promoted only when they have demonstrated a mastery of the material in their current class.
  • Age is considered only in our acceptance of very young students, not in the placement of students.
  • Students are expected to attend every class in the level in which they are registered. Excused absences are accepted only for medical or serious personal reasons and must be emailed to the Academy. All students are expected to arrive on time for class. Students entering class late for any reason may be asked to observe the class rather than participate. This decision is left to the instructor’s discretion. Students missing more than 10% of their regular classes will often not be promoted, as adequate time has not been spent mastering the work.

Class Schedules

For class availability and schedules please e-mail

The Colombian Folkloric Ballet Academy Classes Every Saturday