Community and Educational Outreach

Our educational and outreach programs fit perfectly with the CFB’s mission to create a passion for art through inspirational performances, enrich the lives of our audiences, and present to our community, visitors and tourists the unique beauty of the music, dance, costumes, and traditions of the Colombian culture. Not only does the CFB gives you the opportunity to request programming for your educational institution or community center but we also participate in private programs and educational initiatives.

Lights, costumes, music

Colombian culture! For a discounted price, you are invited to come to a special performance for everyone, in particular children, to see the CFB in their final dress rehearsals. This year we will provide many opportunities to see the CFB throughout the year including the prestigious annual “Mi Colombia” performance at the Zilkha Hall of Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. Our “Mi Colombia” discounted matinee performance targets elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and college students. We also offer discounted tickets to senior citizens.

Colombian Folkloric Ballet

Workshop & Classes

If you are looking for a way to introduce your school, university, church, or community center to dance in a fun and interactive way — try one of the following workshops.

Colombia For You

A workshop designed to target young and adult audiences in showing many of our Colombian folkloric dances to the many schools and community centers.

Along with its costumes, music, and traditional dance steps we demonstrate what the Colombian culture is all about and its origins from in an interactive and entertaining way.

Athleticism & Dance

A workshop designed to challenge the audiences physically through Colombian dances (Cumbia, Salsa, Fandango, etc.).

Laugh, learn, and have fun along with a good sweat!

Information on our Workshops

  • Location: E-mail or call for arrangements (your school, university, church, community center, or our dance studio).
  • Dates: E-mail or call for available dates
  • Fee: E-mail or call for rates and group discounts
  • Ages: Any from kids to adults
  • Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Workshops are an additional tool to recruit talented dancers for the CFB Company where they can be professionally trained for the opportunity to perform with the company itself. the teacher/instructor prior to the first class.